Parade down MAIN STREET U.S.A.



  • Solo athletes must be (10) ten years of age and able to march two miles for the DAY and NIGHT parade. No exceptions, this is a Disney rule.   Birth certificates may be required.


  • Solo costume, hair in bun, no jewelry, clean beige shoes and tights.  Please no black shoes.
  • Please do not walk through the Parks in costume or twirling your baton.  Costumes must be covered with warm-ups or clothing and batons in a case.   We must OBEY THE DISNEY RULES AND REGULATIONS.
  • Rental lockers are available at the entrance of parks for your convenience.


  • This is a very fast moving parade so it must be a NO DROP by ALL.
  • FORWARD MOTION with lots of energy and SHOWMANSHIP must be maintained at all times.
  • Download Parade Video & Music to practice.
  • Register for Parade on your Solo On-Line registration entry form.
  • Routine will be repeated with 8 counts of basic march in between routines throughout parade.
  • Please view and read the Parade routine instructions carefully.
  • pLEA


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There is 1 Parade Routine for Day & Night Parades

Thank you Tiffany Jockers for sharing your talent with us!


Soloists must learn and perfect the easy 32-count TM routines from video above.   


Recommendations to avoid schedule conflict

Saturday Day:  All Novice & Beginner, Intermediate (10) years of age for solo athletes, Juvenile Parade Competition, or any team participating for Fun only!   Minimum 10 years  of age.

Saturday Night:  Intermediate 10+, All  Advance & Elite solo athletes.  Junior, Senior, HS, & Collegiate, & Senior "C" 's Parade Competition, or any teams participating for Fun only!  Minimum 10 years of age.


Practice your routine to the music for the Walt Disney World® Resort Parade that can be downloaded from the Music Page.

Friday 9:30am Mandatory Practice/Audition for ALL SOLOISTS to pick up back stage credentials for admittance.



A mandatory request for all soloists to receive their evaluation and to pickup backstage credentials for parade will be held at ESPN Wide World of Sport Complex at   9:30am -10:30am Friday morning.  Please meet at the left side of front door (court yard) of the HP Field House.  If you are not arriving in time for the rehearsal/audition, you may submit a video of your performance performing the routine to the parade music.  Your credentials will be included in your package after review.  Video must be received no later than December 1st.

WHERE & WHEN TO MEET ....................TENTATIVE LOCATION AND TIMES, updates will follow

Saturday DayParents of athletes 10 years of age and older should drop their athlete off at the Splash Mountain at 1:15pm sharp & find a great spot along the parade route to watch as they step off in the Magic Kingdom Park.  When the Parade finishes, parents should pick-up their athlete at the Pirates Gate, Splash Gate, or Sunshine Tree Terrace 3:15pm.  Pick up Gate will be designated at the parade rehearsal. Please leave all personal belongings with parents.                                       

Saturday Night:   Intermediate, Advance & Elite parents of athletes 10 years of age and older should drop their athletes the Splash Mountain gate at 7:15pm.   Step Off is from Town Square.  When the Parade finishes, parents should pick-up their athlete at  the Pirates Gate, Sunshine Tree Terrace, or the Adventureland Bridge.   Pick up Gate will be designated at the parade rehearsal.  Please leave ALL personal belongings with parents.    


  • Athletes should be dressed & ready to go.  Please no jewelry.
  • Warm‑up covering the costumes and batons in case are required when walking through the park.
  • Please be sure you can perform the routine with precision for your evaluation!
  • Absolutely no cell phones or cameras permitted in the backstage casting area.
  • Please NO DRESSING in the restrooms, come ready to perform.
  • Be courteous to Disney & TM staff and listen to all directions carefully.
  • Coaches and Banner Carriers must dress appropriate and alike! Plain Black dress pants (no shorts, capris, ankle length, or leggings), plain black closed toed shoes, plain black tops, no logos


            Reminder:  You need an "Unused day on your Disney ticket to march in the parade

            along with backstage credentials.


Day Parade Map ~ Night Parade Map




Ages 8 & 9 ~ Video audition ~

Attire: Costume

Please allow time for the video to download


Video: View ........................................... Music: Download




Ages 7 years of age and under  ~ Video audition required ~

PLEASE allow time for the downloads of the video files

Attire: Costume

#1   Mickey Mouse Club Music Download

   Mickey Mouse Club Pee Wee Showcase Routine .wmv


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